My failed website

surfer in ya jocks not foundWhen I started in the digital marketing industry, the ideas started flowing thick and fast. I’d been equipped with the knowledge to help businesses grow online. I had the golden ticket (or so I thought).

The logical step would’ve been to start Logical? Get your logical out of here. I was going for innovation. I was striving for the future. I was going to start a surf blog.

Fast forward two years and was put to cyber bed. Yes, all that witty URL brainstorming was for nothing. Continue reading

Another “top ways to get more likes on Instagram” article

Cat in Oia, SantoriniApologies, but this little trick was something I’d never considered before.

On a recent trip to the Greek islands, I put up the customary “I’m on holiday and you’re not” photo. We were on the Greek island of Santorini and I’d just taken a lovely snap of the famous rooftops of the village of Oia with a cat relaxing in the foreground.

That’s right. I’d hit the perfect match. Animal + scenery = likes. As common as E=MC2. But that wasn’t the hook. Continue reading

Handling a Twitter quote: Avis v Europcar

carThe other weekend I was charged with booking a rental car for a weekend trip away.

True to form (and so that I had even more reason to be on social media), I decided to see if I could get a better deal on Twitter than I was getting on company websites. I also wanted to see just what the Twitter quotation process was for each company.

I picked my two targets – Avis and Europcar – and went about seeing how things got handled. Continue reading