Another “top ways to get more likes on Instagram” article

Cat in Oia, SantoriniApologies, but this little trick was something I’d never considered before.

On a recent trip to the Greek islands, I put up the customary “I’m on holiday and you’re not” photo. We were on the Greek island of Santorini and I’d just taken a lovely snap of the famous rooftops of the village of Oia with a cat relaxing in the foreground.

That’s right. I’d hit the perfect match. Animal + scenery = likes. As common as E=MC2. But that wasn’t the hook. Continue reading

Handling a Twitter quote: Avis v Europcar

carThe other weekend I was charged with booking a rental car for a weekend trip away.

True to form (and so that I had even more reason to be on social media), I decided to see if I could get a better deal on Twitter than I was getting on company websites. I also wanted to see just what the Twitter quotation process was for each company.

I picked my two targets – Avis and Europcar – and went about seeing how things got handled. Continue reading